October 20, 2020

Brands embrace experimentation and product development. Plus, we’ve added test and learn jobs in Sweden, Hong Kong and France – October

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How brands are looking at test and learn

Mike Frizell is looking to take on the big box retailers next.
PetCircle How to design high impact product experiments?

“Experimentation allows you to expose only a small number of users to a high-risk release and get an accurate insight into how your systems and users interact in real time. This saves you from brand backlash and costly roll backs.” – Negar Mokhtarnia

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What experimentation-related tools are talking about…

A/B Tasty Learn from 33 experimentation ideas for generating growth in the post-Covid-19 New Normal

“Let’s face it: you don’t know your website visitors like you used to, before Covid-19 shook up customer journeys the world over. What’s a brand to do? Get (re)acquainted with your audience using experimentation.” – AB Tasty

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What the practitioners are saying about digital experimentation and test and learn culture

Cecilia Tamez Stories of Enterprise Innovation

“You need multivariate data. To build a successful data platform, accept that your business, customers, and products are constantly going to change. Don’t build a static model, design an infrastructure to accept change.” – Cecilia Tamez, Chief Strategy Officer, XE

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Experimentation related articles by the journals and news orgs

Dr. George Westerman Digital transformation: 3 steps to build a digital-ready culture

“Unfortunately, when it comes to digital transformation, many senior execs aren’t thinking about butterflies. They’re just thinking about fast caterpillars. And it’s hard to keep up with your competitors if you’re crawling ahead while they can fly.” – Dr. Westerman

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To best foster the culture of experimentation, leaders need to encourage A/B test results, create cross-functional task forces, and publicly praise individuals who tried something different even if it didn’t work.

- Kamila Chytil, CMO, Moneygram


Helen Doyle
ContentSquare CX circle: Show-Stopping Digital Customer Experience

We’re excited to hear how HSBC values customer experience, especially through the lens of Women in Ecommerce, which Helen Doyle (see photo) and Jonathan Coleman are leading. The big tent event also has a notable session exploring CX and experimentation for non-profits.

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Upcoming events


Experimentation jobs in USA and Canada

Experimentation jobs in the UK

Experimentation jobs in Germany

Experimentation jobs in France

Experimentation jobs in Sweden

Experimentation jobs in Australia

Experimentation jobs in Hong Kong

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