July 17, 2020

Did you miss it? News you can use. Disney hiring and other #Testandlearn jobs

An international roundup of notable articles, events and career opportunities in the digital experimentation industry - July

It is not easy keeping up with all the news, jobs, and events happening inside the digital experimentation space. Inspired by our North American partners, Widerfunnel, GO created this monthly digest of notable articles, career opportunities, and upcoming events. We know we didn’t capture it all, so if you see something we missed, please let us know. Follow GO on LinkedIn to be the first to receive our next and optimized digest.

It is not the most intellectual of the species that survives; it is not the strongest that survives; the species that survives is the one that is best able to adapt and adjust to the changing environment in which it finds itself. – (Credited to) Charles Darwin



What the practitioners are saying about digital experimentation and test and learn culture

No courage without trust and no uplift without courage – the CRO vicious circle – Gabriel Beck at konversionsKRAFT

We have seen that it takes courage to drive ideas and change. Courage requires trust and backing from the stakeholders. Without evidence, however, we cannot get the trust. We can only provide evidence, i.e. data, with freely available resources, knowledge and experience. We cannot get these resources without success. However, these successes are courageous and at this point, you have probably already understood the vicious cycle. (Translated from German)

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Experimentation related articles by the journals and news orgs

Why the Covid-19 pandemic could kick-start digital transformation at scale at The Drum

“There’s a huge opportunity to test new things and see how they land.” “On the one hand, you want to test and innovate when things are stable, because at least you can control it. But at the same time, we’re constantly seeing new things come out that make you think what worked and what didn’t. We need to learn quickly.

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What experimentation-related tools are talking about…

How brands can build a digital strategy for future growth by Kameleoon

To thrive in an uncertain future, brands need to be bold. The brands that succeed will be those that have created a customer-centric culture that uses experimentation and personalization to continually adapt everything they do to meet changing customer needs.

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How brands are looking at test and learn

A/B Testing and Covid-19: Data-Driven Decisions in Times of Uncertainty  by Jen Townsend, Senior Data Scientist, Microsoft Experimentation Platform

This may sound familiar: you have been working on a new feature for weeks or months and excitedly release it to your users! Sadly, in the weeks following the release you notice a disturbing trend. A core metric that tracks user interest in your service is steadily decreasing! A metric that tracks user engagement with your service has decreased since your feature release. What do you do? Do you roll back the feature update?

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Upcoming events promoting experimentation and a test and learn culture

Experimentation Culture Awards by Outperform Conference in Amsterdam

This outbreak changed a lot, it caused a massive shift for many organizations. The health of employees and organizations are top priority now. Did it influence your experimentation culture? What have you, your team and your company done the past months to maintain a culture of experimentation, or to even grow it to the next level of maturity? This question is exactly the reason why we wanted to move forward with the Awards in 2020!

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Who’s hiring in the digital experimentation and test and learn space

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The Edge… There is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over. ― Hunter S. Thompson

Let us know what we missed. If you have an article that needs attention, job to promote, or upcoming event in the digital experimentation, test and learn, and behavioral science space, contact us or send an email.  

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